Sake, Wine & Beer

Nigori Sake- “Crazy Milk” balanced, creamy small 9med 18. lg 36
Katana- “Japanese Sword” dry, clean finishsmall 9med 34lg 75
Aladdin Nigori- unfiltered, aromatic300ml 10
Strawberry Nigori- sweet, sour, creamy300 ml 11
Kizakura “S”- medium dry, rich500 ml 25
Suishin “Drunken Heart” medium dry750ml 34
Mu Daigingo “Nothingness“- balanced, clean finish750 ml 45
Ozeki Hot Sakesm 5lg 8
Purple Haze- hot sake & plum winesm 5lg 8
Sapporo, Asahism 5lg 8
Asahi Black, Echigo Stoutsm 5
Barrel Bros. “Dad Pants” Pilsner (16 oz)7
Barrel Bros. “Naughty Hops” IPA (16oz)7
Golden State Cider “Mighty Dry”7
Ramune- Strawberry, Original4
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beet, Ginger Ale, Dr. Pepper3
Sparkling Water3
***** Wine list, Sake by the glass, Sake Cocktails, and additional Items listed on our in house dining menu.
Sushi Tozai
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"To sum up: Sushi Tozai is modestly priced and serves excellent, fresh sushi and sashimi along with bento boxes for lunch or dinner. Well worth a visit."
- Jeff Cox, Santa Rosa Press Democrat